Dry Curry recipe – Japanese cooking – fried rice ドライカレーレシピ

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Dry curry recipe. Japanese cooking food recipe. 簡単和食レシピ。

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Green Curry Fried Rice - Hot Thai Kitchen!

Green curry + fried rice is like awesome + awesome, how can you go wrong!? Not to mention it is so quick and easy, so a spicy Thai dinner will be ready in minutes!
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39 responses to “Dry Curry recipe – Japanese cooking – fried rice ドライカレーレシピ”

  1. Just used your recipe and made sausage egg curry fried rice. Used a fresh link of sausage, that I broke up, similar to the burger meat you used. Came out awesome!!! Thanks. 

  2. Kaffir Lime is illegal here in the US 🙁 Asian stores in my neighborhood offer Lime leaves and Citrus Fruit Leaves instead. Is it okay to substitute them for the Kaffir Lime Leaves?

  3. Wow, I didn't know making Thai Green Curry Fried Rice is actually so simple. Thank you for your lovely recipe! Can't wait to try to cook it myself :)

  4. I just made this and it's amazing. Thank you so much for making your videos. This was the second recipe of yours that I made in two days and they are both delicious.

  5. Pailin, I'm at my local asian supermarket in NYC and they don't have kaffir lime leaves!!! Do you have an alternative so it's ok to omit it? Btw, your coconut custard steamed pumpkin recipe made me look good at parties..hehehe thanks! It's hard to screw up that recipe

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