Hi Guys, Its Gaz, This is episode 5 in my new series, My take on Thai Green Curry..So simple to make and you can make lots of meals with the homemade paste. I hope you enjoy and recreate it at home. thanks G
PS. I had a slight cold when recording the voice overs.. 🙁

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How to Cook : Chicken Curry Noodle | Cara Masak : Mee Kari Ayam

Hi viewers,

BigBiteChannel video presents a recipe how to cook delicious chicken curry noodles and it’s easy to make.

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Spicy Benefits

You have probably encountered one or two spices in your life especially if you are the type of person who loves to cook. But did you know that most of the spices that you use in the kitchen have other benefits aside from being perfect additives to your dish? They have actually been found to prevent cancer and heart diseases!

Among the spices chilli may be considered one of the most popular. Thanks to capsaicin which gives chilli its distinguishable taste. This burning component found in chilli has been known to help in losing weight since it boosts up metabolism. Capsaicin is also a good treatment against arthritis and cancer according to experts.

If chilli is considered to be the most popular, you can say that ginger spice is the oldest. It’s been used in China for more than two thousand years! As an anti-inflammatory spice, ginger helps in calming an upset stomach and minimizes the effects of arthritis. Ginger is also high in antioxidant found to lower the risk for deadly diseases such as cancer and heart problems.

Turmeric has the same anti-inflammatory quality as ginger. It is also rich in antioxidant and has been proven in laboratory tests to prevent cancer. Turmeric can be considered a brain spice since it can greatly reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders. It also regulates insulin and can therefore prevent diabetes.

A nut that is also a spice, nutmeg is loaded with antioxidant that helps fight off cancer and tumor cells. It has an anti-inflammatory property as well that helps improve blood flow. Nutmeg is good for digestion too since it possesses the ability to destroy E. coli bacteria. In addition to that, nutmeg also promotes sleep due to its nerve calming effects.

Other spices like cinnamon, black pepper and cloves are also among the many spices that have been discovered recently to have numerous benefits to the health. These spices offer health benefits as much as they offer good taste and aroma to your favorite dish without the harmful side effects of artificial additives.

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The SPICIEST Curry in The WORLD Challenge! Carolina Reapers!!

I went and took the SPICIEST Curry in The WORLD Challenge made with not just ghost peppers but with the deadly Carolina Reapers.

Thank You to Brick Lane Curry for having me!
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Caribbean Curry Crab Recipe.

How to make curry crab as it’s done in the Caribbean, using a recipe from Trinidad and Tobago. For the green seasoning paste recipe, see: And for a written recipe for this curry crab, see:
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Seafood Curry:
Seafood medley..Frozen
2 tbsp tomato paste
1/3 cup oil
1 tbsp butter
1/2 tsp curry powder
Chopped garlic
Ground black pepper
Chopped coriander
Cooked pasta

Thaw the frozen seafood medley and mussels according to the package instructions.
Then gently wash them and drain away the water.
In a wok, add the oil, butter, tomato paste, curry powder, salt and ground black pepper, cook and mix well.
Next add the seafood medley and the mussels and mix well. Also add some of the coriander and mix well.Cover and stir every once in a while until the broth has reduced and the everything is well cooked.
Next add the cream and once the cream comes to a boil, add the cooked pasta and let it cook for a few minutes and until the sauce has reduced a bit. Do not let the sauce dry out, it tastier when saucy.
Serve in a serving bowl or plate and garnish with coriander.