Chicken Tikka Masala – By Vahchef

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You guys know what is the single most precious thing that British took away from India The first thing that must be coming to your mind is Kohinoor diamond isn’t it No it isn’t. It is Chicken Tikka Masala It is not only true British national dish but it is such a delicious dish that many Indian Chefs reinvented many other dishes like paneer tikka masala and many more delicious dishes with that chicken tikka masala sauces.

So lets learn how to make this awesome chicken tikka masala which how great influence of British. For this preparation we need nice cubes of tomato onion, green pepper or red pepper I’ve got red pepper and I wan’t to make it my chicken tikka masala even more spicy so I’m using alaphinos i.e.
green peppers or chillis. Next is a chicken. Make sure you cut the chicken also in the same size as as you are diced onion tomatoes and bell pepper one cup of yoghurt, chopped coriander leaves, coriander powder, cumin powder, ginger, garlic paste, red chilli powder cumin seeds, turmeric custody methi leaves powder.

This is the fenugreek leaves powder, whole garam masala, I’ve got cinnamon sticks cloves, 3-4 cardamom, little bit mace if you have and Bay leaf just 1 tablespoon of cashew nuts, salt, one lime one large chopped, onion little bit cream this is an option if you want to use it please use it and then I’ve got some chopped onion in the blender up and I add some broken piece of cashew nut and I’m going to blend this mixture let’s prepare the marination for the chicken tikka so let’s put little bit turmeric 1 teaspoon of a chilli powder if you are a mild eater use just half a teaspoon, little bit coriander powder, a pinch of it 1 teaspoon of ginger garlic paste and use half of the kasturi methi powder, the entire yogurt add half of lime juice and half a teaspoon of salt and add some oil make a nice marination.

Take half of this marination and add it for your vegetables the other half of the marination with the chicken if you have a lot of time and patience you can put the chicken on the skewer since we are making chicken tikka masala what I would do it I would just take my chicken and nicely spread directly on the grill when the chicken is good on one side turn it on the other side if you don’t have a grill like this you could also use the same tawa that used to make dosas and chappattis just put few on top cook it on one side otherwise you can even use pan you know just regular pan in which you cook your vegetables.

There is a very important reason why I am cooking this chicken on the skewer I’m going to show you you know why we go ahead and start cooking the sauce when the chicken is almost fifty percent cooked you can sprinkle these vegetables on the top and with the heat that is coming out of the chicken these vegetables also get cooked nicely.

This smell is really really awesome for this preparation I’m using the white meat that is the chicken breast meat see remember one thing whenever you’re using chicken breast do not put in a gravy with tomato sauce or something which is

acidic because your chicken breast may become rubbery always cook it you know before hand before you add chicken breast into the gravy saw now the chicken is almost getting cooked now add some oil to your hot pan and then add your whole garam masala see we always talk about this green cardamom why do you say green cardamom it is green in colour when you see white cardamom the white cardamom is cheaper than a green cardamom because the oil have been extracted from those cardamom so watch out if you’re going to buy a cardamom always buy green cardamom and not the white skin color cardamom add cumin seeds.

When your cumin seeds splutter add chopped onion and as usual add little bit salt you have to chop the onions very fine for this preparation because you want a nice silky sauce if you’re unable to chop the onions very fine you can even put these onions in a blender and make a paste and add to this mixture slowly cook this onion till i see nicely even colouring of these onions I’m going to add little bit turmeric tablespoon of ginger garlic paste add 1 tablespoon of cumin powder 1 tablespoon of coriander powder and of little bit chilli powder make sure you the flame is very low when you add this masala’s otherwise they can get burnt and it’ll become bitter add little water so that this masala’s don”t get burn.

See lot of times what happens when you add these dry masala’s directly to the oil they can get slightly burnt and that can give little bitter taste so to avoid that add very little water immediately so that the masala’s get evenly cooked. I made the paste of tomatoes and used just one tablespoon of cashew nut K add some water to this and a put the lid and let it cook for few minutes the reason why we wanted to be nicely cooked is because you don’t want any raw flavour of cashews nuts in it and you want the tomatoes to be very well cooked if you remember I told you there is a very important reason why you need to keep one skewer all you do with the skewers is take it add a nice lemon juice especially when you’re cooking dish like chicken tikka masala.

You don’t want to wait that long and wait for the chicken tikka masala gravy to be ready so have one skewer and while it is cooking mmmm !!!
Ha the beauty about eating this on the skewer and cooking with the onions, tomatoes everything together because chicken is cooked nice and juicy, while the onions are nice slightly crispy and this makes awesome oh my god I love these skewered chicken if you are cooking such a delicious dish for the entire family you know help yourself with a nice piece of chicken tikka on the skewer in this preparation which is dry there is lot of this chicken with lot of masala’s are there as soon as you add this chicken pieces into it it observes some moisture from the sauce and nicely tickles the gravy little more add some fenugreek leaf powder into the mixture our sauce for the chicken tikka masala is almost ready add your chicken tikka with all the onions capsicum into this. No wonder this dish is such a super hit with British. you can finish it off with little cream, but you know what i feel guilty because this sauce is so beautiful and already I have tasted it like so many times and its so tasty, I don’t find a reason why I need to add any cream into the sauce look at the nice beautiful creamy color that is already there but if you want to add cream go ahead and add and lastly you can sprinkle some chopped coriander I can’t tell you how good it is just try it and let me know what you think about this dish I hope you have enjoyed learning to cook this chicken tikka masala with me but remember at VahrehVah is all about inspiring others to cook.