This is a detailed video of how to make Caribbean style curry chicken. This is a recipe I developed over a period of a few years. This recipe utilizes chicken legs, but can also me made with chicken thighs. The degree of heat for this curry can be easily adjusted by adjusting the amount of scotch bonnet pepper that is added to the pot.


  1. I like the fact you know what you're doing, most men lay on their behinds and wait for wifey to finish slaving over the stove to cook.
    Food looks good. When I seen the Heineken I said, okay he's in the zone. Lol.

  2. You didn't clean the rice.  You just pour it out of the package.  Mixing the beans and rice in the strainer is not a good idea.  I like how you clean the chicken and wore gloves.  The rice and beans and missing the peas.  You don't use potatoes.

  3. Have you tried 'Cavenders" Greek seasoning? It's better than any all spice. Bright yellow canister with black and red writing. Please try it and see what you think. P.S. it's not my spice I just really like it.

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