New MAGGI® ROYALE Penang Seafood Curry. Your noodle adventure begins…

Exceptionally springy noodles in a deliciously rich seafood broth. A superior chili paste made with sun-dried chilies, and the only one with real toasted belacan. It’s the Best of the Best in taste, aroma and texture. Try it and you’ll go, “Wah! Sooo… Penang!” Share your experience today or discover more at
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Ichibanya Co., Ltd. owns the top curry rice restaurant chain in Japan, Curry House CoCo Ichibanya or usually just CoCo Ichiban or CoCo Ichi. The chain owns both direct and franchise restaurants in total of nine countries: United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, People’s Republic of China, Republic of China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.The Curry House chain is by far the company’s largest business.

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