Sri Lankan Chicken Curry (කුකුල් මස් කරි)

A perfect balance of flavors and an aroma that brings good ol’ memories rolling in. Contains nothing artificial.

This is my favorite Sri Lankan style Chicken Curry recipe and I hope it will become yours too. It’s not complicated. I promise! 🙂

Happy Cooking!
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  1. Hi, You added spices first to roast it. After roasting,  you added ornion and made it further fry. Don't you think the spices will get over roasted and give a burning smell?

  2. hi….i thank asai rasai… today i got so many amazing comments as i did this chicken…it was awsome and mindblowing…the flavour of all spices bind a salient arroma that chicken goes ultimate taste…i m so happy that i did it…

  3. I made this chicken curry to my husband yesterday. he absolutely loved it. came out so great. thank you so much for this recipe. hope to see more scrumptious recipes like these in the future. and if you can please make deviled prawns :)

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