Indian Chicken Curry

Indian chicken curry home style as made by mother.
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Traditional recipe for Indian Curry!/khanakhazana



  1. how to cook chicken softly ( మెత్తగా ), am having gaps in my tooth so if the chicken is cooked softly ( మెత్తగా ) then i can easily eat

    how to cook chicken softly, am having gaps in my tooth so if the chicken is cooked softly then i can easily eat

  2. Chef, I'm really happy to watch all your videos , here I would like to ask you a question please :
    when we use coconut juice to this recipe and other stuff for serving such as raisins , chopped pineapple fruit, coconut powder and the Indian crackers ??
    This recipe to be served with plain rice , is that so ??

  3. I love the way you keep brining up your mother while explaining. It gives a lovely warm feeling to the whole recipe learning process. We all feel nostalgic about our childhood days, when our mothers would cook for us. Miss those days. Thanks a lot for this recipe and giving a tribute to not only your mother, but mothers all over. :)

  4. all these american people on youtube with their curry recipes. i just couldnt copy their recipes. If a indian isnt showing me how to make it, then i wont make it haha.

    thanks for this video

  5. Thank you for the video. What portions of everything should I be using if I want to make serving for two? You used a lot of tomato puree. How much less would I be using of everything?

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