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Chicken Curry For Beginners with Curry Powder – By Vahchef @


  1. Recipe says 2 tb of oil. He puts in like 1/4 cup…same with curry powder! 😛 Well I guess its all about preference.

  2. what atore bought curry powders do you recommend? there areso many kinds… im in the usa

  3. chef, any tips on pakistani and or Indian chicken pizzas? I prefer pak or indian pizzas by a mile… they don't have weird tomato taste like the USA pizzas. any tips? or maybe recipe?

  4. Instead of using cooking coconut milk, can I use unflavored drinking coconut milk as a hybrid? Also, I have dried ginger and garlic powder are those reasonable substitutes?

  5. been making this for a while now. Went to the Indian grocery and found a package of garam masala but it wasnt powder yet,just a bunch of seeds and bay leaf. Ground it up in the blender and put in a jar. Best curry powder ever. Trying this tonight with loin lamb chops. this is a great video. Thank you!!!

  6. i love watching him cook and try his own food. so fun to watch because he's so passionate!

  7. Thank you very much it was a complete success!! Everybody loved it, next we r gonna try adding the coconut milk, can't wait !!!

  8. Excellent video!! this is the best recipe I have come across for curry, thanks so much!!! very versatile

  9. Thank you Vanchef such a simple Curry to make and very good. The second one I've made and it just got better.

  10. before you cooked the chicken you said it had been soaking in Brine is that just salt water and if so how long do you leave it in the brine and do you wash the salt water off before adding, finally does it really make the chicken really tender thanx

  11. Great video my friend. Keep up the good work. I am personally from Guyana, South America and our way is similiar to South Indian

  12. As a bachelor living alone this is an amazing meal. I've always loved curry chicken. Thanks for this video. Subscribed!

  13. hi i was wondering, the curry powder i am getting has red chillies and black pepper already in it, do i add the extra green chillies and black pepper powder like in your ingredients list?

  14. Comment lng po… kulang po kau sa presentation since prang cooking show na din ito. Mas accurate and okay mga versions nyo kesa sa Panlasang pinoy na nanghuhula lang puro presentation. i suggest po na sna lagyan konti presentation after naluto ang dish.

    e.g. look it up sa ending ng video na to may salay salay sa gilid na sabaw ng chicken curry d magnda tignan… more power! subscribed!

  15. turmeric is orange ginger and ginger kinda yellow pero nillagay tlga nila karaniwan un turmeric sa pagkain khit me ginger

  16. bakit po nyo inuna ung asin..d po ba..alam nyo titigas agad ung karne pg una ung asin?palambutin mo muna ung meat bago ka mglagay ng asin..

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