Nyonya Laksa | Laksa Lemak | Malaysian Curry Noodles with Coconut Milk

Nyonya Laksa | Laksa Lemak | Malaysian Curry Noodles with Coconut Milk

You may think that it is crazy to enjoy a bowl of curry noodles for breakfast! Nevertheless, trust me, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there is always time for Nyonya Laksa (Laksa Lemak).

Just the broth itself is special because of the combination of prawns and chicken. Added to that, the mixture of spices and the smell of Vietnamese Coriander (Daun Kesum) makes this dish divine. That’s why many have been asking for this recipe over and over again. If you haven’t tried a bowl of laksa, you’re missing out. But it’s okay, make it yourself now, at home.

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To blend:
Lemon Grass
15g Belacan (Shrimp paste)
8 Shallots
3 Garlic Pips
15g Turmeric
6 Candlenuts
15g Gelangal
100ml Coconut Milk
10 Chillies
20g Dried Shrimps

Daun Kesum
4 Drumbstick (Bones)
400g Prawns
Tofu Puffs
Fish Balls
Sambal (Cili Boh)

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Today I show you how to make quick and tasty curried Singapore style rice noodles using no oil and only healthy and delicious ingredients.

This is a super easy high carb, low fat vegan lunch or dinner recipe that would be ideal for anyone following a Raw Till 4 lifestyle or McDougall Starch Solution program… or anyone wanting to eat a healthy plant based meal with no added oil 🙂

This is a perfect dish to make when you are short on time but feel like a hot meal. It is also ideal to make ahead of time and pack into your lunchbox for work or school.

Add your favorite vegetables and spice up even further by adding chilli!

Print recipe from my website at: http://www.cookingwithplants.com/recipe/curried-singapore-rice-noodles

Recipe by Cooking With Plants

Enjoy xx

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  1. I really loved cooking ..and wants to learn Malay food as well.
    That's why I subscribed your cooking channel.
    The problem here it's hard to find such ingredients…like belacan..gelangal ..vietnamese coriander…and etc.
    Hope I can find these ing. soon.
    I am base in Davao Philippines and a Filipino.
    Looking forward to watch more your videos.

  2. Could you make a video about sarawakian food? I tried Laksa Sarawak, Mee Jawa and Mee Kolok some time ago when visiting Kuching and they were amazing!

  3. Thankyou so much for taking the time to show us how a a real authentic laksa variation is made! There are so many terrible videos claiming that their recipe is an authentic laksa with most of them using some kind of mass produced 'laksa paste' from the super-market. Most of which contain 621, 622, and 623 flavour enhancers. Your recipe looks fresh and vibrant and I am heading straight to the kitchen to make it for dinner. Thankyou for the inspiration and education.

  4. I saw on cooks country that's when you add a bit of water in the beginning of your stir fry and let the water evaporate your ingredient will actually fry without oil and you veggie or meat will have the fry look

  5. Are you HCLF vegan? I'm love carbs and mummys hclf refined salt free vegan noodles with hot sauce its so yummy she's not vegan yet but now knows meat, dairy and eggs is terrible and cruel she says she will go vegan if she does the juice detox afterwards.

  6. I live in Singapore. What are Singapore Rice Noodles? It's something that doesn't exist here. Just like how fortune cookies can't be found in China.

    I think what you are making is similar to what's called Mee Siam Goreng.

  7. Love everything about this recipe!! I am looking for a new frying pan, what brand is yours? It looks awesome in quality. Thanks xo

  8. You inspire me with your simple and easy recipes. You are a big help to my transformation to a vegan life style and the variety of meals I can make for myself.
    I wish you were my next door neighbour.

  9. Hi, Anya!
    I tried this recipe three days ago and it taste so good! Please keep uploading vegan recipes. I love your channel so much, it really helps for me who wants to start my healthy lifestyle. :-)

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