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Khanom Jeen (ขนมจีน) in Krabi: Curry Noodles and Fried Chicken


  1. Hey Buddy,I'm surprised I've missed this video…

  2. He keeps looking to the side, I keep instinctively checking over my shoulder.

  3. Thai foods are so diverse. I keep seeing new Thai dishes from Mark. It's great!

  4. SPICEOUS!! Mark I love you !! Keep doing you, I'll keep watching, Sir!!!!

  5. I love that food too it's my favorite thing to eat I am a Thailand children I have friends that is also Thailand

  6. Mark by any chance do you know a rather simple way how to make the fresh rice noodles(khanom jeen) I've seen someone making it with just the rice flour and such. if you do know a simple recipe please do let me know thanks!

  7. I just watched a few your clips and your face seems very enjoy Thai food , I think you are very very love Thai food, right? haha you awesome , cuz I think some foreigner cannot eat spicy Thai food like you ^^
    Thanks for share a good part of Thailand .. 

  8. Title is a misnomer Thai Chinese "chin or Jeen" as you put it. Its Chinese dessert.

  9. I loooove this dish its my all time favourite! Miss home! Love your vids mark keep up the good work!

  10. You make my mouth water everytime i watch your videos Mark. Keep up the great awesome work mate. Next time i'm hungry i'll either eat Thai/Asian food, or just sit back and watch your videos.

  11. That's a great breakfast! Spicy and sweaty and will wake you up, but you will need something cool afterwards; like thai ice tea or coffee. That's how you roll in BK.

  12. This is gonna sound pretty bad cuz i'm thai. But is all curry spicy cuz I don't like spicy foods

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