How to make Tonkatsu / Katsu-don とんかつ / カツ丼

3 easy recipes in this video! Which one would you like to try?

Ingredients for Tonkatsu
: Pork loin
: salt & pepper
: Flour
: Beaten egg
: Panko (Bread crumbs)

Ingredients for Katsu-don
: Tonkatsu
: 1 tbsp soy sauce
: 1 tbsp mirin
: 1/2 sake
: 1 tsp sugar
: 50ml dashi stock (Chicken broth instead)
: 1/4 onion
: 1 ~ 2 beaten egg
: Mitsuba leaf

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  1. いつも楽しく拝見してます。日本語字幕で出汁500ccとなっていますが50ccの勘違いですよね?英語のレシピでは50mlとなっています^^。まあ、間違える人はいないかもしれませんが。

  2. usually you would have to go to an Asian super market . If there's none in your area, i guess amazon would be your best bet.
    it's worth it the texture is just amazing..

  3. I learned the alternative way of making Tonkatsu without frying and I love it so much. Thank you for the recipe!

  4. That baked cutlet sounds so crunchy it's driving me crazy! (That's it; I'm definitely getting some kind of Japanese food today for a meal. )

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