How to make juicy beef curry rice ビーフカレー

For thos who are not available to get curry roux, here is tutorial how to make it from scratch

Ingredients I used (serving 4)
: 250g beef
: 450g slice onion
: 270g carrot
: 150g eggplant
: 340g potato
: 10 brown mushrooms
: 5g garlic
: 10g ginger
: 2 bay leaf
: 1200ml bouillon stock or water
: 1/2 grated apple
: 2 tbsp ketchup
: 120g curry roux

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  1. Awww runny…its 2016 and i havent watched any of your videos for years, this brings back good memories of me trying to cook that stuff and utterly failing at it :)

  2. I tried curry for the first time last week, I bought it on ebay, here in Spain we doesn't have curry roux. I bought medium spicy but its not spicy at all! What can I add to make it more spicy?

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