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The SPICIEST Curry in The WORLD Challenge! Carolina Reapers!!


  1. It's sad that he can't drink. Alcohol goes very well with spicy food. Why go so fast? I'd eat this nice and slow. It doesn't feel hot anymore once the endorphin rush /alcohol buzz is going strong.

  2. Lol you kept saying "pha" and now I want pha why do I watch this video?

  3. why did you eat the curry alone? you have to eat with rice or naan which would have helped you a little.

  4. I'm surprised they let you have lassi cause most spice challenges don't even let you have tissues to wipe your mouth with…

  5. CHEATER!!! You shouldn't get a certificate for that, or say you "won", when you were chugging down smoothie after every bite of the spicy food! Most challenges specify that you can only have a little water or sometimes nothing. I say you failed sir, and I call for a proper do over.

  6. Hi sir. I always watch your videos. It would be great pleasure to us if you will also try Filipino Foods, by the way I am a Filipina. 🙂 I hope you can go to Philippines soon.

  7. do you know half cook egg yolk can "cool down" you hot tongue and that pain.
    try it next time , remember it only work on HALF COOK EGG YOLK

  8. Oh man! I was crying just watching you I don't think I could do this challenge! lol

  9. DUDE THE RICE MAN. How can you just eat the curry straight??!? It ain't soup!!!

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