How to Cook : Chicken Curry Noodle | Cara Masak : Mee Kari Ayam

Hi viewers,

BigBiteChannel video presents a recipe how to cook delicious chicken curry noodles and it’s easy to make.

Enjoy and thank you for watching.



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19 thoughts on “How to Cook : Chicken Curry Noodle | Cara Masak : Mee Kari Ayam”

  1. Neto…… did you add water or some kind of liquid to the curry sauce??? I'm trying to make it but it is not coming out. Or did you soak the cashews???

  2. i love all your videos i am in raw diet and i loved your raw curry and raw rice. it was delicious

  3. Just made the curry noodles DELICIOUS! love your channel! I hope you know that now because of you i eat zoodles 5 days a week!

  4. so quick question. so why do you want to be a vegan ? losing weight ? or eating healthy ? or against killing animal ?

  5. Thank you so much for the inspiration and kick ass recipes!! Thanks so much for sharing. Namaste peace &love

  6. I wonder if they would mimic fries if you dehydrated them? Still raw but gives it more of a crunch

  7. theresa jurrus

    do you think you use about a tsp of each seasoning when you just pour it in.  I don't want to mess this up.

  8. Davina Guerrero

    I just love how you are so real nothing fake about trying to be just a healthier person. Keep up the awesome work! You make me smile so much. Have a awesome Happy Thankful l Thanksgiving.

  9. Audrey Jacobson

    I just made the curry noodles…….F*CKING DELICIOUS!!!! I've been doing 6 days a week raw for 3 weeks now and this is the best recipe I have made. I didn't have cashews but used a half an avocado and a quarter cup of sesame seeds in stead. It was great. Thanks soon much! All the best!

  10. You could definitely add some potatoes, beans, quinoa etc into your diet at this point. Especially if you plan to continue lifting.

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