Thai Seafood Curry



This Thai Seafood Curry is a healthy flavor explosion in your mouth! Full of mixed seafood, veggies, lite coconut milk, lime juice, green curry paste, and more… it’s easy, healthy, and so darn tasty!



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It’s curry in a hurry! Watch how to make a rich, quick-and-easy seafood curry flavored with Indian spices and coconut milk. Serve with rice or naan.


20 thoughts on “Thai Seafood Curry”

  1. Not bad but would have used fresh ginger and cooked the tomato out a bit before adding the coconut milk.

  2. Thanks for your feedback! Glad this recipe worked well for you without cooking the shrimp first. 🙂

  3. does the shrimp have to be cooked before you add it? Seems like an extra step since shrimp cooks fast.

  4. Angélica Ko-Pe

    Made this tonight but substituted the shrimp for chicken. It was great, a real curry in a hurry!

  5. Jonathas Junior

    Here in Brazil this dish resembles a very common dish in my state (Bahia) We use palm oil (Dende oil) Will be perfect ! 🙂

  6. Thank you for your question. If you eat seafood (not a vegan), you can use a shrimp substitute. But if you are vegan and don't eat seafood, there isn't really a substitute that would give you shrimp flavor. Do check out vegan and vegetarian curry recipes we have on our site. Enjoy!

  7. Hi.. what if u just want to give it a shrimp flavour, without adding shrimp to it? (Vegetarian):-)

  8. Thank you for your question. We'd suggest canola, vegetable, or coconut oil. Enjoy!

  9. Thank you so much Maria for letting us know! We are uploading new recipes daily – enjoy!

  10. I made this last night with the same ingredient and it turn out delish!!!!!!!!!….all the recipes I have made from this chanel are a winner…..please keep it up

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