THAI FOOD! Pad Thai Noodles, Spicy Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry & Pineapple Rice | Mukbang Eating Show


Come enjoy this feast with me! Enjoying massive Thai cuisine!! Ordered some Pad Thai fried noodles, Pineapple Rice, Red Tom Yum Seafood Spicy & Sour Soup, Green Curry Chicken and Papaya Salad! It’s a good thing I didn’t order the Mango Sticky Rice for dessert as I was way too full at the end lol!

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Food ordered from Thai Restaurant, E-Sarn Thai Corner (Singapore)

Thank you for watching! Hope you’ve enjoy this Thai food mukbang eating show! Do check out more of my eating shows and food challenge videos below!


18 thoughts on “THAI FOOD! Pad Thai Noodles, Spicy Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry & Pineapple Rice | Mukbang Eating Show”

  1. Can you try out some Korean food? Especially some different types of kimchi, or Korean BBQ, Korean street food, or really anything! Love you!

  2. Hi peggi i love your videos how mny times i saw your vdos i wonder evry time what is the secret of your figer maintanans after eating this type of food evry wk ???

  3. I'm Thai here and feel like it so weird that she match these dish together. Thai foods have thier own taste and sometimes it not on the balance. first thing to know for eating Thai food is to eat everything as the side dish with rice to balance the taste(for fully you belly and not spend too much for side dish).

    Tomyumkung and GangKeawwan(green curry) are not main dish but have to eat them with rice for the combo. Somtum(papaya salad) is combo with sticky rice or Chicken grill or meat dish u like). Padthai is main dish but mostly have it for launch and least of us eat it with the other side-dish. The last is a Pineapple rice, this is a specific for who love it though.

    PS. I'm amazed that she can finish all of them. glad to know that she also love Thai food.

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