[Thai Food] Fermented Rice Flour Noodles with Chicken Curry (Kanom Jeen Gang Phed Gai)

[Thai Food] Fermented Rice Flour Noodles with Chicken Curry (Kanom Jeen Gang Phed Gai)

This is a favorite dish of many people. With intense taste of coconut milk and Thai roasted chilli curry that can go perfectly well. Just try Rice Noodles with Spicy Chicken Curry and you will love it.

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Tofu Shirataki Noodles w/ Thai Curry Sauce - Hot Thai Kitchen

This recipe is a gorgeous lookin’ treat, and if you’re watching your carbs and calories, this one’s definitely for you! A rich red+yellow curry sauce poured over noodles with lots of fun toppings, and instead of the typical rice noodles, I’m using tofu shirataki which are a low-carb, low-calorie noodle substitute! Delicious and low calories? I’m in!
Here’s more info on the tofu shirataki noodles I’m using: http://www.house-foods.com/product/TOFU+SHIRATAKI+SPAGHETTI+SHAPE+8+oz./

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  1. Unlike other country and continent we Asian dont really use measuring cups or spoon, some of us do but not all of us. We use our taste bud for cooking. We taste it and if its too blend we add more flavor. Just to let u know, dont get mad.

  2. Thanks so much for the recipe! I never liked thai curry with noodles, but this one I love! Already made it twice. First time with halibut and the second time (today) with minced chicken breast. Sooooo yummy! Greetings and hugs from Germany! :-*
    BTW: want to try your clams for my boyfriend next week. Very curious how that goes.

  3. อยากแวะเข้ามาบอกรักค่ะ หลงรักวีดิโอของพี่ไพลินแล้ว ชอบพี่ไพลินมาก ทำอาหารไม่ตายตัวดี อาจจะไม่ authentic แต่ so fun to look at. Xx 

  4. Hey, how are you?  I enjoyed your vlog, and I always do. I am Japanese, and I always wanted to use shirataki for dishes other than typical Japanese recipe. I definitely will  try your recipe at home.  Also, I am diabetic, but still want to enjoy Thai food, since I love Thai food so much.  Please do a vlog of Thai dish for somebody diabetic?  All the best.

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