Spicy Kerala Style Beef Curry

Try this Spicy Beef Curry this weekend and enjoy it with Rice, Appam, Idiyappam, Neychoru, Puttu, Porotta or Chappathi.

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Beef Curry Kerala Style Video Recipe in malayalam by Thresiamma Thomas for GrandmasMenu.com

Credit: Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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  1. everybody has their own version of curry, that is why its called tor'curry or "your curry" translated.

    my family is from sylhet, my dad uses an ingrediant called ShatKora and uses different cuts of beef. he stews it untill the beef almost falls apart. alot of tendon and marrow is also used tendon is good for the skin and bones (but it just tastes good too lol)

    mmm imagine a japanese infusion with shylheti curry.

    japonica rice + bite size japanese style peices + sylheti curry + "healthy"=?´╗┐

  2. I currently living in Bananas, and won't able to eat this lovely dish (don't want to get killed). someday will come to kerala and enjoy spicy beef curry.. thanks´╗┐

  3. Dear Grandma,
    I was cooking as per your instruction. Tell me one thing 1/2kg beef 3Table spoon coridar ??? so one kg 6TB Spoon ??. No it is absolutely wrong amma please rethink again.

  4. kashtam undu ketto ammoomme…paranju pattikyaruthu..garam masla podi de koottu upload cheyyamennu paranju pattichu,,,pls enikyathu venam pls upload.´╗┐

  5. Yah, fantastic, but it would be better if you soaked all the masala altogether for, 2 hours, then add chicken or beef or mutton or pork or turky or what ever to marranade. Then, depending on what the meat it is, you must further soak it all together. BBQ or Curry or whatever you want to cook.Thanks, I'm an Indian food lover.´╗┐

  6. great recipe. i can say so because i just tried it and it was yummy. just added a little vinegar. otherwise i followed the recipe completely. this is the first time i have cooked beef. its easy and quick great for beginners. thank you grandmasmenu ´╗┐

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