Spicy Indian Chicken Curry Recipe – North Indian/ Restaurant /Dhaba Style….

Spicy Indian Chicken Curry Recipe – North Indian Style….

Today we went to eat with some friends at a very popular curry restaurant in japan, coco ichibanya. We all decided to take the coco curry level 10 challenge!! If you’ve never done the LEVEL 10 CoCo’s challenge… We recommend you don’t. It was aweful!! This was by far the hottest and spicest curry I’ve ever had. It’s different then other food challenges though! Unlike hot wing eating challenges CoCo’s level 10 curry doesn’t burn your lips as much as it burns the back of your tongue and throat! It’s a lot different spice then most would expect from a spicy food challenge. Needless to say, we couldn’t finish our hot food challenge eating this spicy food. Kyle also had tears.





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  1. i went to the indian chapter restaurant in cape town and ordered the strongest dish on the menu. i almost cried but loved it. love indian food.

  2. please can you put the exact amount of spice powder you need for this recipe i:e 1 ts of coriander powder etc.. thanks.

  3. I would like to thank you very much ,I just made this for the family and it was delicious ,Thank you so much for an amazing curry recipe .

  4. hi going to do this tomorrow do you know when you added spices to the marinated chicken were they extra on top of the ingredients at the start in the list

  5. For your future videos i'd recomned to put the ingredients on the video description, still great video!

  6. I'd reconstitute it with much less water, or no additional water at all so you don't have to cook it as long. If your chicken pieces are small chopped ones, you can easily cook it in 20 minutes, with maybe an extra 10 minutes to reduce and thicken the sauce. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  7. I just ate at an Indian Restaurant for the 1st time. There spice level was 1 – 5, 5 being the spiciest. I ordered the Chicken Curry and NAAN bread, and I must say… Loved it! New fan of Indian cuisine! This place was located in Woodbury Minnesota, called "Indian Palace" very friendly people and pricing, with great food!

  8. Why didn't you invite Simon and Martina?! lol
    I bet Martina felt a disturbance in the world for a minute and then went to Coco Curry in Japan.

  9. I finished it. The last few bites were the worst. i was gagging and so close to puking.

  10. Aww that's cute! Lol I use to order level 10 always after leaving the club. Delicious way to sober up

  11. I done it once when I was stationed in Okinawa, The heat was intense and left me with severe stomach pains immediately after!! I miss this place so much. Possibly one of the reasons to revisit Okinawa.

    I visited the cocos in California and it just wasn't the same!

  12. God this video made me hungry. Haven't had CoCo's curry since I left Japan, but I always ate level 10, and loved it.
    To be fair I also had them add cheese because I love cheese, and I think that reduced the spicy a little.
    Need to find an excuse to go to california.

  13. I did level 4 or 5 and I was hurting. Plus, level 10 costs like $20 a plate, doesn't it?

  14. It's funny how the one guy didn't want to do it… and HE FINISHED IT… great job.

  15. Bro. If you order Level 0 spicy and you eat spiciness ten times of it. Its a no big deal! :D

  16. As many times as I've seen y'all eat at CoCo's, I'm so wishing I lived in California. They have CoCo's there and as my luck would have it, none in Texas. Grrr. That chicken cutlet curry though!!!

  17. I don't understand stuff like this. Why force yourself through eating something that's painful?

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