Singapore rice noodle

Singapore rice noodle

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Light Soy Sauce
Dark Soy Sauce
Shaoxing Wine
Oyster Sauce
Hosin Sauce

Siu’s Cooking
Cha Ya Asian Bistro
Video produced by Edmond Shum

Ingredients:Shrimp, Chicken, Egg, Rice noodle, Green and Red Bell peppers, Onions, Bean Sprout, Curry powder, Oysters sauce, Light soy sauce and Dark soy Sauce.

19 thoughts on “Singapore rice noodle”

  1. Thanks for this video! This recipe is so easy and delicious. Now I make my own Singapore rice noodles.

  2. Mariam Grigoryan

    what happened to chicken breast? also was shrip sitting in the hot boiling water before you mix it?

  3. Sounds like a jet engine when he starts to 'stir fry'. Guess that's why all my attempts come out poorly. :-/ This looks insanely good though! I would so try this place if I lived anywhere close.

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