Proper Chicken Curry Recipe

Learn how to cook a proper, traditional Indian chicken curry with Arfan Razak (Raz) from Nottingham’s Curry Lounge.
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  1. watered down version of the real Chicken curry for western palate….. by an Indian chef !!!! Sir "your grandma would beat the shit out of you..if you offer her the your version of chicken curry".

  2. Thanks Raz, the best Indian recipe on Youtube….. I have made this many times and my "food fussy" kids tell me this is better that the food we get at the Indian restaurants we go to!

  3. you twat !! I just spent an hour cooking this and it tastes like Pepper.
    I wish I'd read the reviews before destroying 4 chicken breasts.
    You mentioned Garlic in the video , but never put it in ?

  4. thats why you had invite gordon Ramsey to restore your business when you have no experience about business and any curry dish. you showing non senses mate. learn it before you teach any one.
    still make me laugh soo much when Gordon had to destroy your naan holder haha

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