Nadan Beef Curry

Nadan Beef Curry
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  1. Super curry… I like all of your recipes i have seen in Mia Kitchen… you always given simple ingredients and very much clear convincing videos. Your recipes are always tempting me to make it asap hahah….Thank you so much chechi…. Proud of you…

    Libi :)

  2. Made the curry. It was pretty bland. I don't know what I'm missing. I tried adding more vinegar but still not that great. Not sure what I can do to save the curry.

  3. Hi Mia, I watch your videos regularly. I already mentioned this in one of your other videos but I say it here again. Please show the ingredients in close up. It would really help to get an idea of the items as you go through the quantities. I have seen this in few of your videos but you don't seem to do this consistently. As a reference please check Ihttps:// and see how neatly she takes the viewers through the items before starting the process. Hope you will improve and will really add more value to your great recipes. Thanks.

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