Japanese Seafood Curry

Seafood Curry at Golden ball(ゴールデンボール) Shibuya

What I’m having here is fish and shellfish curry. Usually, we scoop rice and also curry at the very same time like this. curry itself is quite abundant. Likewise, I can taste the seafood flavor. Japanese curry society has actually been distinctively developed. We prepare beef curry or hen curry, which are usually called Western curry, in your home. It can be soup curry or dry curry. So we consume many kinds of curry. This set preferences like Western curry and fish and shellfish is used rather than meat. I can inform that some spices remain in there. This behaves. The curry which comes onto the market has few flavor so it is flavored with onion as well as stock cubes. This is very nice. In this curry, common rice is used. Sometimes, fried-rice or Thailand rice can go well with certain curry. delicious! This leaf is among spices called laurel and it is fried with curry with each other to offer it taste.

You don’t eat this. These things are a kind of pickles. In Japan, Fukushinzuke is the one of the famous pickles which go with curry. Here comes yogurt! Honey is on it. Good! Milk product like yogurt goes well with curry to refresh the spiciness. .

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