How to make vegetable curry-Indian Recipe

How to make vegetable curry dishes
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20 thoughts on “How to make vegetable curry-Indian Recipe”

  1. Thanks it was much more simple the way you cooked the veg curry then other youtuber’s I’m Asian myself and I’m sure my parents make it the way you do thanks again

  2. Who is this chick? she on the BBC? I like her. I dont usually like the other Indian cooks- this woman explains it properly and has confidence.

  3. Stevo K Atkinson

    Loved your video nisha .. but would like to know is..can i make the vegetables separate, then add the spices after?

  4. I bought curry powder, but i dont know what dishes to put it in! Can i not use curry powder in curry?

  5. Nice work Nisha…One thing that interested me is that you had canned tomato but fresh coriander and you didn't use any commercially available masala (sabji masala).

  6. Maximillian Guglielmelli

    I originally didn't click on this video, instead the boring video I was watching ended and this was next up in queue. Your confidence and the knowledge you have was an instant hook! I love all the little facts you threw at us during your cooking! Why don't you have your own show on TV yet?!!?!?! Thank you so much for giving me more confidence in my curry!!!!!!!

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