Hestons Great British Food (Indian Curry) s02e02

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The ultimate Chicken Curry is loved by all. A delicious gravy that coats the chicken, it’s mouth watering good. Just the smell while cooking is enough to have everyone running to the table.
The complete recipe is here:http://www.recipesaresimple.com/all-india-chicken-curry-ultimate-recipe-loved-by-all
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39 responses to “Hestons Great British Food (Indian Curry) s02e02”

  1. Poussins. It's nearly impossible to get those anywhere I've lived in the U. S. — so-called Cornish game hens aren't the same thing, and a chicken much under 4 lbs. is a rarity. Then again I haven't lived in Manhattan…

  2. another desperate attempt…..after a while they're gonna say "all the foods, cuisine of the world were invented in britain, as the brits enslaved the people around the world they introduced those foods to those natives and thats how all the dishes, cuisine got spread across the world", quiet convincing, innit bruv?…..but sadly only a brit would buy such a fairy tale, by the way nice joke (this video)

  3. Hey Brits…Party is now OVER. India is NOT your colony anymore! We will NOT tolerate this LOOT……

    You stole our money, gold, jewelry, food, cloths, diamonds, artifacts, koh-i-noor…and now you are coming for our recipes…….this is outrageous….

    'Chicken Tikka Masala' is INDIAN RECIPE and it will remain an Indian recipe FOREVER……

  4. Let me get this straight— A Bangladeshi dude is telling this Brit that 'Chicken Tikka Masala' is 100% British and not an Indian dish……..well….WTF..?!

  5. Vindaloo foam, with no vinegar or garlic. I'm sure it's delicious, and Heston is undeniably inventive, but vindaloo is as much about vinegar and garlic as it is about spiciness. You just made some vaguely Indian spicy foam, bro. Leave the vindaloo bit out of it.

  6. Yeah Yeah you invented tikka masala(pun intented) as a matter of fact fish and chips,pigeon pie, english muffin and sheperd's pie were originally from a small tribe in calcutta who were enjoying their delicacy and suddenly some foregin entities comes and says these are ours.

  7. Why do all these Indian food related videos have this bhangra music in the background? That said, Heston, is very quick to create a monolith of Indian food by calling it curry, and even quicker to state that the first curry houses were 'Bangladeshi' but not 'Indian. What's the British obsession with dividing people like that? BTW, when curry houses first popped up in 1950s, there was no Bangladesh!

  8. More than half their museums are filled with stuff stolen from India. And then these lame/half knowledgable Indians to join the so called cool club lie about this shit. Pissing off! Bangladesh was part of India, you d****!

  9. Looks good but have tried others without good results, do you have to use a pressure cooker to make this curry as I don't have one so can I make it without.
    Thanks if you can help.Bob

  10. I've watched sooo many videos of chicken curry but it never turns out good. This title is very true 'the Ultimate chicken curry"..mine tasted so good, I wished I found this channel earlier! thank you!!!!

  11. Do we have add water for the curry? i didn't saw you adding any water which resulted into thick gravy liquid please tell gonna make this tonight, btw awesome vid

  12. Hey Thanks a lot for the recipe ! I was looking for an easy yet delicious chicken recipe and I think I just found the right thing :). I am for sure going to make it this weekend. By the way, did you use any water?

  13. I tried this without the potato for dinner yesterday. It was so so delicious! I had a bit of leftover and I had it with roti for breakfast. 😀
    Thank you for sharing good food! I look forward to see more of your recipes.
    I have a question though. If the blended onions, garlic and ginger are used instead of chopped ones, will it change the taste altogether?

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