, Indian Restaurant, Kabab & Curry’s, Santa Clara, CA

(408) 247-0745
Kabab & Curry’s
1498 Isabella St
Santa Clara, CA

Learn how to make delicious Gola Kababs Special Masaley Waley, Very simple and easy recipe to make amazingly tasty and flavorful Gola Kababs with special home made masala.
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  1. This place is insane off the chain! I know Muhammad from when I lived in California. I will the there in July Muhammad !!!! And I'm bringing hungry friends and family. The chicken tikka masala is my favorite here amazing stuff. I'm bringing wheel chairs to help move me ou…t ounce I gorge my self :-)

  2. Dude, you have a good career. This is my favorite restaurant, the best butter chicken ever. We used to drive all the way from Mountain View to Santa Clara and would wait for a place to sit and order….overall 2 hours starvation and then going to heaven!!!! Yummmmm!

  3. Rizwana. mene ap ki goola kabab masala recipe aj banaye bohat achi lagi. allah ap ko khush rakhe. thanks for the recipe

  4. Salam…..rizwana aunty kysi hain aap?mai gola kabab ki recipe try ki thi bohat mazay k banay thay jazakAllah

  5. Aoa rizwana..I'm quickly becoming a fan of yours..can u please tell me what filfil daraz is called in it easily available here?

  6. Muhammad Sarwer Noor Ellahi

    excelent its uniqud very very yummy easy and tasty recepie ur great ur way ov cooking style rare I like that

  7. Rizwanas Cooking

    You can skip fried onions if you want. 10/90 fat ratio is good for this recipe. However, it is better to have 20/80 when you want to grill it instead of making a curry or masala such as seekh kabab.
    You can also fry these gola kababs and then add into masala. I like to cook them without frying which keeps them softer and better in taste.

  8. very nice recipe..thnkssss…would u please teach me rice and more kabab recipes…thnks

    kind regards

    rocky bansal

  9. Salam , so I don't have fried onion then ? Thanks and how much percentage require for fat 20/80 or 10/90 ?

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