Dim Sum and Curry Brisket Noodles — Amazing Hong Kong Food and Attractions!

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After a long flight from New York City, we woke up in the morning in Hong Kong ready to explore and eat. Stay tuned for delicious Hong Kong food and attractions in this video!

3:12 Lin Heung Teahouse (蓮香樓) – One of the most legendary places to eat dim sum in all of Hong Kong is Lin Heung Tea House, which remains a classic. When I went to Hong Kong on my first visit I ate there, and I try to go there every time I’m in Hong Kong. While the dim sum might not be the absolute best in Hong Kong, what can’t be beaten is the traditional Hong Kong tea house atmosphere. It’s always loud, packed, and you don’t know exactly what you’ll be getting, but it’s always one of the greatest dim sum experiences you’ll have. Today at Ling Heung tea house, I didn’t get all the dim sum dishes I really wanted, but that’s alright, it was still fun. Price – 171 HKD

11:07 Lunch at Kau Kee Restaurant (九記牛腩) – Brisket noodles is a dish you have to eat in Hong Kong, and one of the most famous restaurants in Hong Kong to eat brisket is Kau Kee, which has been in business for decades — they are almost synonymous with brisket in Hong Kong. Although this restaurant has become a bit of a tourist hit in Hong Kong, they still serve an outstanding bowl of brisket noodles, and what I like ever better: brisket tendon curry. The curry is packed full of flavor and mixed with a combination of shredded brisket and lumps of tendon. It’s worth the wait in line to eat here. Total price – 93 HKD (.99) got brisket noodles and tendon curry

16:29 Man Mo Temple – Since we were in the area after eating Hong Kong brisket noodles, we stopped off for a few minutes at Man Mo Temple right in the heart of Hong Kong.

18:21 Victoria Peak / Peak Tram – By this time in the early afternoon, Ying and I were starting to get really sleepy — a combination of the jet lag and the food. So we went back to the hotel to take a rest. I then woke up and since the weather looked to be pretty clear, I made a run for Victoria Peak. Many people take the Peak Tram to the top of the mountain for a view over Hong Kong, but when I saw the long queue to take the tram, I decided just to hike. The hike took less than an hour, and I needed the exercise. Visiting Victoria Peak is one of the top things to do in Hong Kong, and it gives you an idea of the compactness and density of Hong Kong.

21:57 祥利飯店 Restaurant (Thanks to Tim Lai for this recommendation) – I’m not sure of the English name of this restaurant, but for dinner we headed to this restaurant, which is a simple Cantonese made to order restaurant. The food was good, and it was a great Hong Kong atmosphere. Total price – 280 HKD (.10)

Day 35 in Hong Kong was a wonderful day of delicious Hong Kong food and attraction!

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  1. I find it hard for me to come this kind of setting as I can not eat pork. You dont really know what you pick. But I love your video. Especially Bangkok trip. Me and my friend plan to visit Bangkok by 2018

  2. I wish I were there with u. coz I can help u get the food^_^ i live in Macau which is an hour ferry from HK. Love your videos.

  3. NYC and Hong Kong are very similar cities. Densely populated. Expensive space and food. Cosmopolitan and diverse.

  4. the glutenous rice is called "cheung" usually has minced pork and other goodies in it. it is also one of my favs

  5. Marshall Bong Zhang jie

    im eating and watching this at the same time, and all the food in there is making my food look poor…..

  6. gabriellygomes gamesBR

    quando eu tinha 5 anos eu fui Tomás café na rua com meu pai e minha irmã e comemos salgados e com quet chupe de pimenta e ninguém percebeu só eu e eu queria mais

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  8. Gabriel Moreno Garcia

    Adoro os vídeos de vocês.
    Vocês são incriveis hahahaha nao paro de assistir. Podem ensinar a usar um hashi? Por favooor
    Grande abraço!!!

  9. amo os vídeos de CUP NOODLES de vcs!! dá água na boca!! por isso só assisto esses vídeos comendo CUP NOODLES tbm !! (^_^)

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