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After My authentic Dhabha style Chicken Curry , Dhabha Style Paneer here is dhabha style mutton curry, a part of mutton recipes this is a spicy based mutton curry I’ll post mutton biryani soon and I have post shahi paneer , dal makhni , karahi Mutton , karahi chicken really soon so dont worry just keep hitting the like button

Full recipe Link : http://goo.gl/zm4f6t

Recipe For Mutton Korma : https://youtu.be/eIsyYEr6BE8


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18 thoughts on “Dhaba Style Mutton Curry | Indian Mutton Curry | Spicy Punjabi Mutton Curry Recipe | bharatzkitchen”

  1. Nice….I would like to add this tip for viewers: Adding tomatoes in the end because tomatoes if added earlier makes the meat stiff and resists cooking it well, specially Mutton, Chicken you can add tomatoes in the beginning as chicken is not hard to cook. But Lamb and Mutton is.

  2. This recipe calls for way too much water. I followed his directions exactly and it ends up like soup, looks nothing like the video. I wouldn't trust the recipe.

  3. Why don't you list the spices and quantity, or mention the quantity of the spices instead of saying lots of this and some of this and some of that. Sounds quite idiotic when imparting information to people.

  4. hi just wanted to know is this tge same thing they serve at indiqn weddings with naan bread I av been looking everywhere for q recipe an indiqn friend of mine u grate the onions

  5. we have to brine the chicken in warm water or room temp ? and also what should be the proportion of salt ..recipe looks Delicious Chef definitely going to try it..

  6. i have tried cooking this….recipe….and yea!!! my mom is impressed by me…coz…i cooked it well 😉 🙂 thanku for ur video…

  7. yaar kitni baar dhakkan uthayenge ??,,,,,iss se baddiya to cooker mei hi bana lete…..mutton pakaate pakaate mei khud pak gaya

  8. Hello Bharat,
    Can I add green chillies at the beginning if I want the curry to be a little hot n spicy. Plz tell me when I should add green chillies and should I slit them in half?

  9. great recepie bharat. I want u to make besan ka ladoo on this auspicious occasion of ganesh chaturthi. pls teach us how to make a perfect ladoo, plz Mr perfect

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