Curry Fish | Taste of Trini

Curry Fish | Taste of Trini

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Hey guys! So this is part 2 to my fried fish video that I did in Trinidad. Simple, easy curry fish recipe. Here’s what you will need for this recipe.

8-10 slices of fried fish (recipe here–

1 tbsp curry powder + 1 tsp turmeric/saffron + 1 tsp roasted ground geera/cumin + 1 tsp black amchar massala

1/2 cup of green seasoning

1 head of garlic (10 cloves), minced

hot pepper

1 onion, diced

3-4 karapillai/curry leaves

4 pimento peppers, chopped

1/4 cup of sliced scallion/chive

3 small pommecythere

half of a green mango


oil to fry the fish

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36 responses to “Curry Fish | Taste of Trini”

  1. We cook very very similar. You cook like a real Good Trini cook not just any Old kinda cooking but as a true fan i must say you added wayyyyyy too much water in that fish. Other than that i love alllll your cooking they are on point and anytime someone need to know how to cook a real good Trini dish this is where i would refer them.

  2. Hi Taste of Trini. You mentioned pomme cythere is good for chow. Many foreigners are not aware of our concept of chow, a very Trini thing. A fresh pickled spicy green fruit delight. Mouth watering and addictive. Could be made with any slightly sour green fruit. Carambola (five-finger), apple, pineapple, Caribbean sour cherries, and of course green mangoes. It is usually not applicable to ripe sweet-tasting mushy fruit. Have you ever done a vlog on It? Of course no cooking is required, but can easily be turned into a talkarie with some curry and some heat. I wonder what a 'granny smith' apple talkarie might taste like?

  3. Oh my God, this makes me home sick for curry fish, My sister Annie made the best curry fish in the world, He used Tambrand and mango as well and the flavour was out of this world You made my day with this curry fish

  4. + Taste Of Trini. I don't really mean to make this sound weird, but i would like to meet you in person one day… u seem likke a really great person and a great chef as well. I am from Trinidad as well and if I get to meet you, it would be nice if I could try some of the recipes that u make… Would u like to meet me one day? Again, I'm not trying to make it seem weird or anything. This is just an idea that I had… please reply… I'm a HUGE fan of this channel…

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