Curry Cuisine with Indian Style

Well, all curry lovers want to make their  eating experience greatly. And you, a curry lover, can not refuse to eat Indian food with your fingers. May be you will find it strange but enjoy that way, you can mix many types of Indian food together and get the most out of their distinctive tastes is by Enjoying with fingers. May be a startee will be confused because there are so many different dishes in an Indian meal. Are all these s eaten together?


Here are some great tips for any curry lover, or anyone who loves Indian food. Try it out!


1. Wash your hands before you eat. It’s the most polite and healthy thing to do. Remember to eat with the use of your right hand only. In India the left hand is considered to be unclean.


2. Put a small portion of every main dish on your plate.


3. Tear a small piece of the Indian bread and put it on top of some of the meat or veggies. If some of the pieces are too big, press down the bread to break them up or flatten them.


4. You can begin eating by picking the food with the bread. Fold the bread with the food inside and pop it in your mouth. Eat a small portion at a time, until you finish eating the bread.


5. Add more dishes to your plate, including rice. Rice is best mixed with daal, so if there’s some, pour a small amount over the rice. Don’t put too much daal on your rice. This will make your rice sloppy, and you won’t be able to hold it properly.


6. Now here’s the tricky part – use all five fingers to combine the rice and viand, then form a ball.


7. Use your four fingers to act like a spoon, gather the balled dish into the tips of your fingers with the use of your thumb.


8. Use your hand to guide the food in your mouth. Push the food into your mouth with your thumb.


9. Repeat the same process while mixing a little of the main dish, daal and rice. Try the side dishes too! It is important for you to sample each dish separately so that you can appreciate its individual characteristics more. Side dishes are meant to add more flavor and texture to your meals, so have a small portion of each after trying the main dishes.


As soon as you’re done eating, wait for the others to finish and then get up to wash your hands. If you are a curry lover or an aficionado of Indian food, you should try this to make your Indian food experience authentic!


Puneet is the co-author of the cookery book called – The Ultimate Indian Curry Manual. This book is one of its kind, and offers a step-by-step manual for making perfect Indian Curries, revealing a lot of secrets, only known to the Indian Chefs.

Ingredients for Katsudon (serves 1)
– Tonkatsu –
120g 1cm thick Pork Loin (0.265 lb, 1/2 inch)
A Pinch of Salt
A Pinch of Pepper
1/4 Egg
A Pinch of Water
Nama-Panko – Fresh Bread Crumbs

Frying Oil

– Sauce –
50ml Water (0.211 u.s. cup)
1/5 tsp Granulated Dashi
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Hon-Mirin (Real Mirin)
1 tsp Sugar

70g Onion (2.47 oz)
1 Egg
Mitsuba – Japanese Wild Parsley

200g Fresh Steamed Rice (0.441 lb)

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