China: Curry Chicken Fried Rice Menu #3 ~2015~

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  1. Gundog, good job. I saw these on ebay. Do you know how long the shelf life is? On the bottom there is the label of PLA general logistic research institute, there will be more these out of their R&D. Type-13 would mean model year of 2013. Are those bags strong enough for airlift and airdrop in cardboard boxes?

  2. The noodle are Chinese Ramen not udon, udon is distinctively Japanese noddle, you will not find any Chinese army serving a Japanese food item in the rations, you might find yourself with a mutiny on hand. Also the green in the noddles are Chinese mustard green (Brassica juncea). We call it " Snow Vegetable" which is exactly what is printed on the packaging, it always served pickled and then the pickled greens are then used to make other dishes. The pickles are pickled nappa cabbage, pretty common side dish in Chinese cooking and meals.

  3. Interesting how the heater insulation bag has a recycle symbol all over them. I would think that in a war, that concept is tossed out of the window.

    "You are to kill your enemy and recycle the trash please."

  4. The translation should be: Type 13 self-heating ration for individual soilderDeveloped by People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department (now called Logistic Support Department of the Central Military Commission)Manufactured by Qinhuangdao Haiyang Food Factory (former PLA Factory No.4003)

  5. It's not August 28th it's August 2nd there is a Chinese character similar to 8「日 rì」it means like "th" or "day", just to let you know :)

  6. i have to say that a pretty well designed ration, not as much of an accessory as other packs, but its a nice touch having the ration already in the heater and each one getting their own one.

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