Chicken Malai Kabab

Tandoori chicken malai kabab as cooked by Celebrity Chef Harpal SIngh Sokhi


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  1. hello chef, i have a convection mode microwave. in which mode and what temperature i should cook? tandoor or just normal cook ? because i already tried it but the output was not good , it was very dry and sticky..

  2. chef I would like to know if we dont have barbeque so what is other alternate to make BBQ Chicken,Tandoori chicken, seekh kebab kindly suggest can we use bone less chicken breast instead of bonless chicken legs plse suggest one request If u know some hotels because I am 1 commie searching for job in hotels if possible kindly revert back to me.

  3. Chefharpal I am sorry I didn't mean to pull you down or criticise you with my comment earlier. I am a fan and have learnt a lot from you. The comment earlier was a light hearted sarcasm

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