Hi guys this is my first ever video on how to cook a Curry.
My cooking is all about keeping it nice and easy, simple steps…cooking a curry shouldn’t be complicated and trust me..i’m not the type of woman that wants to stand around in a kitchen all day chopping onions! But hey, i have a family and we like to eat good tasty indian meals. So this is my way of cooking…not complicated. enjoy!


19 thoughts on “Simple CHICKEN CURRY”

  1. Good show you said look at me do I look fat.If you pulled that skirt up a little more I would give you some man fat

  2. Nice show I had to play it back 3 times because the temperature kept on dropping on my hob when it was coming to the middle

  3. There seems to be a trend on YouTube for women presenters to dress inappropriately and/or have talons for fingernails. This woman hasnt resorted to the multi colour nails but dressed like this? Sorry poor mans Nigella, I cant take you seriously. Sad.

  4. Interesting Facts

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa… The Indian Anthea Turner with silicone LMAO

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