Ah Heng Curry Chicken Noodles

A satisfying bowl of curry chicken noodles.

Address: 50 Market Street Golden Shoe Car Park #01-32 Stall No. Mei Xin FC, Singapore 048940
Branch: 531A Upper Cross Street #02-58/59 Hong Lim Food Centre
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Quick & easy ONE POT RED CURRY NOODLES recipe!
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  1. Those are silken tofu! usually used in Asian soup dishes or used to make puddings. Its almost impossible to press out all the water without it crumbling apart. Whereas the extra firm types are better for stir fry. 🙂

  2. The soft watery tofu is good in a soup. My mom usually makes like a seafood soup thing but you could substitute the seafood for peas, corn, carrot, etc with veggie stock, tofu and corn starch to thicken it!! What you made looks delicious though!

  3. I just made this recipe with the maple syrup option, and for my veg I used red pepper, carrots and cauliflower and I have never enjoyed a meal so much!! I actually licked the bowl clean (as embarrassing as that is) and this is definitely going into my recipe book, thank you for sharing, so amazing!!!

  4. Hello beautiful, just a random question ive been having anxiety regarding weighing myself which I do one/ twice a week I find it can effect my mood for the whole day. Do you currently weigh yourself

  5. Yep y… yum. I bet if you chopped up the cilantro and mixed it in it would have balanced it out… Also maybe coconut flakes? Or even lightly toasted? For sure coconut curry with that paste!

  6. Ughhh I love her videos but I can't can't can't stand how her boyfriend holds his utensils like a child when he eats! I never thought something like that would bother me so much LMAOoo

  7. baked cauliflower with curry paste sauce! Add like soy, sesame seeds, grated garlic, liquid sweetener, and then get it really hot in a pan and then throw some baked cauliflower in it… SO BOMBBBBBBB! Love yall, super cute vids for vlogmas 😀

  8. Maddie, I wish I could help you with this dish. My daughter is a server at a Thai restaurant on the strip in Vegas. Their food is unbelievable. However, she hasn't passed on any dishes to me,and they have vegan Thai food. Is the red curry spicy? I've made green curry dishes before, but not red.

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