Beef Bhuna Bangladeshi Recipe|Beef Curry Recipe Bangla| Bhuna Gorur Mangsho


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  1. লবনের পরিমাণটা বললে আমার জন্য সুবিধা হতো। আমি আন্দাজ বুঝিনা।

  2. listen, amr moto one ker qus. ase! bt tara present kore na! tmr ranna valo lage & specially ur speech cooking ta k aro dekhar interesting kore! now a days one k maid servant die cooked kore! r sobai ta bujte pare! je ranna jane se valo
    or valo side gulo catch korte pare! r tmi ki umme,selina, rumana der dekho! ora realy ranna kore bole ora kisu ranna live e kore! 1jon perfect cooker se je live e ase & sobar samne cook kore! thats the credit! r audiences r to good r bad cooker criticized korbe! thas true! t.v je cooking show hoy sob realy! be particle! u cooked wel bt sometimes u should come out from true! that's ur credit! understand! i think u better understand! hope u cook better day by day! Al the best!

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