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The Best Jamaican Style Curry Chicken Recipe: How To Make Jamaican Style Curry Chicken


  1. thank you!! I just make some curry chicken following the steps on this video and it comes out very well and tasty

  2. My background is Bengali, and of course we eat curry chicken. This looks a lot like what we eat,minus the carrots, although that would taste good

  3. Hey man tried this recipe and it was a great dish easy to prepare. My girl and I loved it. Thanks. I'm not Jamaican but good food is good food.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Instead of cooking it in a pot can I cook it in crockpot for 4hrs? Will it taste just as good?

  5. sooo many haters. If this isn't the way your mama fixes it…why don't you ask her to make a video  and leave this man alone.

  6. WTF is with all that haters????? This dish looks amazing!!!! Its cooking!!!!! NOT BAKING!!!!! You can do anything you want with cooking, theres no set recipes or ingredients, just make it however you want.

  7. I'm making my Jamaican style curry chicken right now it's simmering and it smells so damn good

  8. This man talks to much!!! He makes his videos boring after a while because he's to chatty chatty!

  9. Made this last night… i added a little ginger power and cayenne pepper with about 1/4 cup of chicken stock…really good!

  10. Finally a wonderful recipe Thank You so much. I'm in absoult love with curried chicken!

  11. I'm glad that what I learned in my Afro-Caribbean class was actually true lol thanks for the history! & I love the dish turned out amazing.

  12. I am literally making this right now lol. Only thing is they e need to see the ingredients in its full form so that we can know what to get if it has a diff name. Thanks I'll comment again to let you know how it turned out. Thanks again.

  13. This is a wonderful video! thanks so much for making it. We appreciate the rich Jamaican History! Keep up the good work!

  14. Love this video! Great job. … Very detailed and useful…. I could just hug you

  15. That looks so good and I also like the history the information it was informative

  16. Man that looks GOOD!! I am deffinately going to try this- it is an easy recipe

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