Thai Food Emporium makes Stir Fried Crab with Curry Powder


Welcome to Thai meals Emporium today, we’re cooking up ‘Puu Pad Pong Karee’ Which is crab stir-fried with curry the first thing that we do once we get the crab house is to offer it a excellent wash break the middle take off the back and simply Wash out all those bits of sand that you don’t want to get mixed up whilst you begin to do the stir-fry Let’s have a seem at the elements then beginning with the crab.

It is a blue swimmer crab we’re using in these days and we’re gonna freshen this up after we steam it with some ginger and spring onions subsequent we’ve got acquired some oil here simply to fry the garlic, which is step one and for the sauce we’re gonna have a few eggs with milk sugar Curry powder right here, and we now have bought oysters sauce this is chili paste and fish sauce in the end, we will go in with the vegetables we have now acquired parsley, onion and spring onion and to begin with get these pieces of ginger the crab and that is gonna provide it a fairly quality perfume after which the spring onion as good and after we steam the crab, this is gonna take out any lingering sea smells and simply get it a relatively excellent perfume Pop that in there And we will steam this for roughly…


7 minutes whilst the crab is steaming we’re gonna crush these garlic cloves up. Let’s simply pop all of them into our mortar and start to crush them up you want to interrupt the eggs into.. The bowl And add the fresh milk simply put about two-thirds the glass in there Stir that in good And next we are going to put the curry powder in Spoonful of sugar Chili paste adopted by oyster sauce give it a just right stir little mixing up that’s obtained a really aromatic smell now you will see how the blue crab has now turned to that beautiful crimson/orange color legs within the shell Fry up the garlic that you just beaten as soon as that’s starting to colour the garlic.

And onion that’s jumbled in… And we’re gonna just put an actual splash (half a spoonful) of fish sauce capable for the combination, the sauce: pour it all in, all over the crap And we’re gonna simply put a real splash a spoonful of sugar Parsley and spring onions and subsequently the rest of the onions… That we have now bought pop them in there and blend them up if you happen to see it’s drying up a little bit bit within the pan and ensure your entire greens have become below there so that’s gonna cook dinner And there we have now it: ‘Puu Pad Pong Karee’ – And it’s all cooked up; we’re gonna have a little bit style Mmm… Oh Yeah and there is a rationale it’s a delicacy, this crab: it is quite steeply-priced oh Yeah and there’s a purpose it is a delicacy this crab. It is particularly high-priced it’s now not the easiest thing to consume, but it surely’s worth it as a designated deal with every once in a even as because of the softness of the meat in there

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