Spicy Temptation To Short

January 27, 2010, along with the “2009 Beijing commercial development Blue Book” of the authority of the release of “2009 Beijing commercial brand 100” list earlier publicity, spicy lure tens of thousands of meals from the capital Drinks Card in the breakout success of the list, shows the spicy temptations of this brand of innovative business development in Beijing in a burst of increasingly powerful force.

It is understood that “Beijing 2009 commercial brand 100” list from “Top Ten commercial brands selected Beijing” activity. The event aims to promote the progress of commercial civilization Beijing, Beijing’s business environment to promote healthy and sustainable development, strengthening Beijing commercial brand building and promotion, publicity and commercial enterprises in the annual Beijing success stories and experiences. As has been Municipal Government, businesses and consumers support, “Beijing ten selected commercial brand” has become a commercial area of Beijing’s most ambitious, the most authoritative, in the most extensive and most far-reaching brand selection activities .

Spicy temptations in 2009 in the context of the economic crisis to seek development opportunities, maintaining a stable growth performance, as Beijing has made great contributions to business development. This aspect is reflected in dishes of innovation, such as Chinese and Western spicy French snails, continued to emerge of spicy incense pot, etc.; on the other, the creative use of LOGO main colors, a clever nod to consumers in China Red complex, launched a series of promotional activities LADYINRED. Distinctive and innovative brand building and promotion, making spicy temptations while in the realization of business benefits, the brand has maintained a high degree of public attention, and media transmission rate, so the temptation spicy brand to stand out in the first of the selected finalists, “2009 Beijing Business Brand 100 “list. Spicy temptation to short-listed “2009 Beijing 100 commercial brands,” marks the spicy temptation to brand value has been the industry certification authority and the general public support.

“Beijing ten selected commercial brands,” was founded in 2005, has been named the fourth row. Commercial brands are the finalists over the years supported a major commercial force Beijing. Among them, both years Honored , Such as Tong Ren Tang, Quanjude, but also a rising star, such as the surprise of the home; both traditional department stores Format, such as the Beijing Department Store, there are emerging specialty store, such as the resumption of telecommunications. They have become an indispensable part of people’s lives, ordinary people become the trust’s “intimate brand.” In the “2009 Beijing 100 commercial brand”, the catering company holds 13 seats. Both of them a century old and famous domestic and foreign famous Quan Ju De, who is also popular pursuit of innovative fashion brands spicy Sichuan temptation to some extent they are representative of the development of Beijing’s catering industry standard and brand management direction.

On the capital restaurant industry in terms of the various businesses involved in “commercial brand Beijing hundred” real competition for the selection of “Beijing restaurant industry’s leading brand” of honor. If the removal of century-old Quanjude “Beijing hundred commercial brand” the name is taken for granted, then the temptation of short-listed spicy “hundred commercial brand Beijing 2009” list, it shows the “fashion” and “innovation” glow a young example of the power. Spicy temptation to brand success stems from accurate positioning, as early as 2002, the temptation that is targeted Sichuan spicy spicy taste among the classic dishes of this market segment research and development for the bourgeoisie crowd, fashion to consumer demand, in the busy section of open environment, elegant restaurant, after nearly eight years of hard work, the temptation to spicy dishes and innovative features of the operation, the rapid rise to become the leading brand. In 2009, spicy temptation to see the crisis as an opportunity to look for opportunities in the crisis, and development, in a crisis to achieve leapfrog development, the Beijing business community a shining star.

Now, after 3 months of the brand Competition, representing the highest honor Beijing commercial development, “Beijing ten commercial brands,” announced soon.

Who overcome the crisis in 2009 the business model?

Who is the commercial breakthrough in 2009, legend?

Who in 2009 establish the minds of consumers trust the brand indelible?

Spicy temptations in this race in the final harvest what results? Let us wait and see.

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How to Make Chicken Curry チキンカレーの作り方 We would appreciate it if you could add subtitles for this video! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=9ZgVBcLz3R0&ref=share Thank you for your support!

(serves 3) http://cookingwithdog.com/recipe/chicken-curry/
6 Chicken Drumsticks
Salt and Pepper
1 tsp Curry Powder
Flour for dusting

4 tbsp Olive Oil
2 Large Onions (650g/1.43 lb)
½ tsp Cumin Seeds
15g Ginger, Grated (0.53 oz)
2 Garlic Cloves, Grated
2 tbsp Curry Powder

350~400ml Water (1.48~1.69 cups)
1 Chicken Bouillon Cube
200g Canned Tomato (7 oz)
50g Yogurt (1.8 oz)

1~1½ tsp Salt
1 tsp Garam Masala
1 tsp Curry Powder (or to taste)
½ tbsp Fruit Jam (ex. Apple or Strawberry or Mango)

Steamed Zakkoku-mai – Rice with Mixed Grains and Seeds

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