Spicy Egg Masala Recipe by Mom | Perfect Anda Curry Recipe | Egg Gravy Recipes | Dr. Mala Sinha

Spicy Egg Masala Recipe by Mom | Perfect Anda Curry Recipe | Egg Gravy Recipes | Dr. Mala Sinha

Last few days of my trip to home and have been learning a lot with mom. In this video she will teach you how to make masaledar spicy egg masala recipe or egg masala curry or anda curry recipe. This mom’s egg recipe is one of my favorite recipe where she use different kind of whole spices and onion-tomato paste. This egg curry recipe is one of the best indian style egg curry recipe.

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Egg: 6
Paste: Tomato 1 + Onion 1
Onion: 3 sliced
Coriander Leaf:
Turmeric: 1tbsp
Tadka: Tomato Sliced + Green Chilli 5-6
Black Cardamom: 4pcs
Green Cardamom: 3pcs
Paste: Garlic 1 + Ginger 1/2inch + Chilli 4 + Coriander 1tbsp + Cumin 1/2tbsp
Black Pepper: 1/4tbsp
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3KG FISH CURRY RICE COMPETITION ( Sanket Sankpal vs Sagar Sankpal)

In this video I will compete with my brother in 3KG FISH CURRY RICE CHALLENGE.

And please do comment down your ideas for our next challenge so that we keep on entertaining you all.


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