Shirataki Noodles Are a New Diet Craze

One of the newest crazes in the diet food industry is Shirataki Noodles. These noodles are found to contain the soluble fiber glucomannan which is free of carbs. This noodle can be used in so many different dishes as a substitute for every kind of pasta. It’s amazing they are now just making their debut. Shirataki is the noodle form of a powder or flour made from the konjac plant.

The Konjac Plant

This is a widely known perennial in Eastern Asian Countries which has been used for centuries to create dishes of varying degrees. This plant is known as the Corpse Flower, Devils Tongue and Voodoo Lilly. It is also known as Konnyaku (Amorphophallus Konjac) and the Elephant Yam in other regions as well. The Konjac plant grows in subtropical and tropical countries and the root, which is used to prepare the flour or jelly for shirataki noodles, can weigh as much as 10lbs.

What is Glucomannan?

A soluble dietary fiber, glucomannan has recently gone to the top of the diet charts as a wonderful additive to a healthy and fit diet regimen. The components of glucomannan are manose and glucose sugars which aide in the digestion of starches and sugars. It has been discovered that a single gram can greatly slow sugar absorption. This is important especially for diabetics trying to regulate their blood sugar level with diet. When we digest sugary foods full of starches and carbs, our sugar levels can spike. This prompts the body to produce too much or not enough insulin. The glucomannan in shirataki noodles slows the digestion of sugars and helps balance insulin levels. This makes it a great asset to diabetics and those looking to lose weight.

The Diet Craze

Shirataki Noodles are increasing in popularity as a wonderful additive to diet menus around the globe. These noodles are calorie and carb free. They are also taste free but absorb the flavor of the dish you are preparing. Most pasta is high in calories and can overshadow healthy ingredients. With Shirataki noodles, this does not happen. You can make Italian or Oriental noodle dishes and enjoy the added vegetables and condiments without having any guilt. These noodles are truly a guilt free way to enjoy your pasta and eat it too.

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