• 【MUKBANG】 5 Ultra Spicy Korean Curry Fire Noodles Challenge!!! Really Spicy..! 3200kcal [Click CC]

    提供 三養 三養さんありがとうございました!送っていただいた残りも美味しくいただいてます! やってほしいことや食べてほしいものがあったらコメント欄で教えてください!😆 you can leave a comment if you have any suggestion on what you want me to eat next!😆 [use CC to enable Subtitles] Hello, my name is Kinoshita Yuka ! I love eating. OoGui (eating a lot) is my channel’s main focus. I often do a social eating live (Mukbang) Today, […]

  • The SPICIEST Curry in The WORLD Challenge! Carolina Reapers!!

    I went and took the SPICIEST Curry in The WORLD Challenge made with not just ghost peppers but with the deadly Carolina Reapers. Thank You to Brick Lane Curry for having me! Check them out: http://www.bricklanecurryhouse.com/ Please Sign This Petition to Stop Forced Organ Harvesting in China: http://bit.ly/2oSRfco   —————————— Get tickets to the best […]

  • 9kg (19.6lb) Japanese Curry Rice Challenge

    Good Video? Like/Fav!!! Part 2 —- (Coming Friday-ish) So MANY of you have sent me requests to attempt the giant Curry Rice Challenge that recently got some media coverage. Unfortunatly I don’t think I will be able to do the actually challenge… BUT, since alot of you wanted to see it I did the best […]

  • Extreme Spicy Curry Food Challenge (Coco’s Level 10)

    20,000 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! Today NavaTheBeast, decides to take on the LEVEL 10 SPICY Curry at our local Coco’s here in Japan! This Food challenge was not fun and defiantly hurt a lot, but I do it for ya’ll! Highly do not recommend attempting this challenge. It honestly feels like your insides are on fire. Other […]

  • Spicy Japanese Curry CHALLENGE ft. TabiEats

    I’m tasting some Japanese curry that you have to be over 18 to purchase – ouch! Watch to see how I fair… Big thanks to TabiEats for sending this to me…I think. 😉 New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday! Join the Emmy League of Adventuresome Eaters & find me here: Subscribe: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=emmymadeinjapan Twitter: https://twitter.com/emmymadeinjapan […]