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Simple Tomato Curry Making – Indian Recipes


  1. Cool video, I just made a video of my family and I making homemade tomato sauce, I would be awesome if you can check it out :)

  2. your dish spoon will get melted in the hot oil. why don't you use a wooden or steel spoon?

  3. What kind of Shape you imagine when you prepare the dish? is it Round Shape? oval? rectangular? can you mention please?

  4. hilarious narration (wait till it turns to brown color but not black color)but nicely done (y)

  5. try to do it properly try to stir properly try to mix it properly try to do this way properly…what the fuck lol why are you like trying to treat us like we are stupid and thick? like ur nagging at a kid who keeps doing something wrong. Why would anybody NOT do it properly? you sir, try to pronounce english words PROPERLY :-)

  6. All that chilli then you added loads of red chilli powder? are you trying kill somebody? lol and this curry is not really a curry is it? more like the base soup for a potato curry where u could ass peas and paneer… or simply take the tomato sauce and perhaps use it as a sauce for boiled rice….i have never heard of eating that on its own. Sounds like a poor man's curry. That and rot.

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