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Simple Chicken Curry (Malaysian style)


  1. Thanks for the recipe. In my country Sri Lanka candle nuts are difficult to find. do you have an alternative ? Another thing, do you have a good recipe for Nasi Goreng ? Im a mega fan for that rice dish. Tried so many recipes but cannot make the restaurant style Nasi.

  2. I realise you didn't put bunga lawang, cengkih or kayu manis in there. Any particular reasons why?

    Still a great dish though:)

  3. I just made a curry loosely based on this recipe! I've never used nuts in my curry paste before so thought I'd give it a shot. I used Macadamias as I didn't have candlenuts. I think it helped thicken the curry and give it a slight nuttiness (obviously haha).

    Also, I added about half a can of coconut cream (plus the coconut milk) and it made for a very indulgent/lemak curry :)

  4. Grace, this is a great recipe. I never marinade the chicken before. after marinaded, it taste very different. very delicious. Thank you so much Grace :)

  5. I think curry leaves is not easily available in the states, do u know if they come in a dry form? Like a type of spice/herb in a bottle.

  6. if you use curry powder , donot add soya sauce  because soya sauce has an pungent smell and will not make curry the way should test

  7. wah.. simple jugak cara masakan ini. Kebiasaan kalau saya masak kari, tumis dulu buah pelaga, cengkih, kulit kayu manis, daun pandan, daun kari, serai, halia, lengkuas dan bawang2 tadi.. lepas tu bancuh serbuk kari dengan air, barulah dituah ke dalam bahan yang ditumis… kalau tak buat macam tu, takut adunan kari tak benar2 masak..

  8. I just made this dish .. It's beautiful. Smells gorgeous. I could not find lemon grass in my local grocery store. Yet it's such a beautiful dish. Thank you..

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