Seafood Curry Recipe with Mussels

Do you like curry? And seafood? If you like it both then that’s exactly what we will cook today Because our featured dish is called Seafood Curry These are the ingredients that we will use to cook our Seafood Curry recipe Mussel or tahong This is the shrimp that I’ve already deveined We’ll also use squid Coconut milk or gata We’ll also need bell peppers I use green and red This is the long green peppers or siling haba Curry powder Cayenne powder is an optional ingredients Ginger Onion We’ll also use garlic Ground black pepper And knorr shrimp cube Aside from this ingredients, we also need cooking oil And fish sauce This is the complete list of the ingredients If you’re ready, let’s go and start cooking This seafood curry is very fast and easy to cook I’ll just heat the oil and once it’s hot, I’ll cook the onion, garlic and ginger I firstly cook the onion.

I sauté this for 20 seconds and after that I put the garlic What I do with the garlic is to crushed and chop it I will also put the ginger. This is julienne or cut into matchstick pieces So I’ll continue cooking until the onion softens For the onion, you can use any color At this point it’s already ready The onions are already soft so we now can put the coconut milk I will directly pour the coconut milk in our cooking pot and you can use kakang gata or coconut cream I’ll stir the coconut milk and let it simmer It’s better if we put cover on the pan And now the coconut milk is already boiling we can now add the flavors I will put the curry powder This is a 1 and ½ tablespoon of curry powder so let’s start in this amount After that, try to taste it.

If you think it’s mild just add more curry powder The important thing is don’t overdo it because it might taste too strong So I’ll just stir the curry powder until it dilutes on the coconut milk And I will put knorr shrimp cube So this is not just for Chinese rice noodles or pork dumpling soup or seafood bicol express It could be use in the seafood curry And it helps to add flavors that’s why I’m using it I’ll mix it until it dilutes And for me, when it comes to this dish, on my personal preference only, I want it to be spicy That’s why I add cayenne pepper powder But that’s only an optional ingredient. Like what I said, if you don’t like spicy food you can omit it Aside for cayenne pepper powder, you can use hot sauce So these are the bell peppers I use red and green. So it’s good to the eyes when we combine these colors I’ll just stir it And I will add the other ingredients, the seafood ingredients I’ll put first the mussels.

It’s important to make sure that these are clean before we cook So what I do is I pour boiling water into it and I remove the dirt inside of it Once the dirt is removed, I rinse it with water so that we’re sure that it’s clean I’ll continue stirring until it’s coated by the coconut milk And I will put the shrimp So for the shrimp, it has head and shell but I’ve already washed and deveined it That means I have removed the intestines. That’s why we’re sure that it’s really clean I will also put long chili pepper And I will not coat the shrimp with coconut oil yet I will let the mussels get cook on the bottom.

That’s what we’ll simmer first I’ll just cover it and let it simmer for 2 minutes After 2 minutes, the shrimp is partially cooked. It’s like the shrimp is getting cook from the steam of the coconut milk But the mussels on the bottom is already fine, it’s cooked So what I’ll do now is to mix the shrimp and the ingredients inside the pan I’ll make sure that the shrimp is coated with the coconut milk I’ll continue cooking for about 3-5 more minutes but I will not cover the pan After that, I will add the squid Let’s just cook the squid quickly, okay? So that it won’t get supple After putting the squid, I’ll stir it right away And I will cook this for 1 minute The maximum time to cook the squid is 2 minutes and its fine I make sure that the squid is coated with coconut milk to get cooked quickly And I’ll also put the seasonings.

I’ll just put the ground black pepper You can also use ground white pepper or white pepper powder And I’ll also add the fish sauce Once I put all the seasoning, we’ll just going to stir it After stirring, I’ll cover the pan And I let it cook for 1 more minute Alright, it’s ready! We can transfer it into a serving bowl or serving plate And let us serve this Here is our Seafood Curry This dish is very tasty especially if our rice is freshly cooked Come on, let’s eat I hope you like this version of our Seafood curry. It really is tasty and delicious If you haven’t try this, try our recipe. I’m sure your pan will turn upside down, it’s like you have run out of rice And also, thank you for watching this video I hope you’ve learned something new

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