Seafood Curry♪ ~How to make curry paste~ シーフードカレー♪

Seafood Curry♪ ~How to make curry paste~ シーフードカレー♪

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Japanese recipe:
The report in my blog:

●Seafood Curry(for 4 people)
1 squid
8 shrimp
200 g octopus
100 ml white wine
1000 ml seafood soup(or water)
1 onion
30 g butter
some garam masala
some salt, pepper, olive oil

●Shimp soup
8 shrimp head, shells, legs, tail
50 g celery
30 g carrot
1500 ml water
1 bay leaf
15 grains white pepper.

●Curry paste
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp cumin seeds
3 tbsp flour
2 tbsp curry powder

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  1. 好多海鮮,看着就有食欲。看我們這一家,是不是硯咖哩真的很奇怪?不太懂,不是甚麼都可以加進咖哩嗎?What kind of food can't put it in curry in Japanese style? Is it anything good tasty food can put it in curry?like a hot pot fish ball ,beef or something like that.

  2. うーん、こういう本格的なのは好きな女の子とあーだ、こーだ言いながら一緒に作りたいです。もし失敗しても感動しそうです。凄いよ、ほんと。

  3. シフドカレー美味しいそうです。これを参考します。これからも頑張ってください、

  4. google translate –

  5. for some of your cooking videos could you please make dishes that are typically, ONLY FOUND IN IZAKAYA around japan. ありがとうございました <*((((>{

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