The Best Fluffy Pancakes recipe you will fall in love with. Full of tips and tricks to help you make the best pancakes.



  1. you made me laugh when you put chilli past in started coughing. i love it going to cook it tomorrow

  2. I've often made dishes similar to this one. Delicious.

    And I have a 1 l fish sauce bottle. It sure does last forever.

  3. Are u crazy.. What the last show.. U eat curry lke that..the first u eat use spantula.. Really bad

  4. I love your fish curry and your nice romantic, friendly presentation.

  5. Hahaha! I was feeling crap until I saw this!! My day jus got better! Cheers Greg ! I'm off to try now

  6. I subscribed because I didn't know if I was looking at a chief or someone playing a joke on cooking shows (still don't know for sure)  the end I stared at my screen a good long time………. you know how a fish looks after its caught and hit over the head……that was me.

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