Muslim style beef curry recipe

Muslim  style  beef  curry  recipe

Muslim style beef curry in tamil /Muslim style beef curry is a awesome gravy that goes excellent with rice, rotis,idli,dosa and is a popular to biriyani as well .tender ,juicy beef cooked in a delicious gravy.
Beef 500g
2 medium onion
2-3 tomatoes
1-2tbsp ginger ,garlic paste
4 green chillies
Curry leaves
Coriander leaves
Masala mix
4 tsp coriander powder
2 tsp chill powder
Half tsp turmeric powder
1tsp Roasted cummin powder
1tsp fennel seed powder
1tsp pepper powder
Special garam masala powder (make by me )
For tempering
Half tsp fenugreek seeds
Half tsp fennel seed
4 cloves
4 cardamom
Cinnamon stick some pieces
Salt as per your taste
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  1. Clarence Kingsley-Pillai

    You did not add coconut milk or any kinds of acid like lime juice or tamarind !!! I wonder why?

  2. நீங்க சென்ன மாரி செஞ்சன் … அக்கா சூப்பர் ….

  3. if you say how you prepared garam masala then only we can cook you saying to wait till next video

  4. Super kaaa endhaa video vaa paaaathu te senje… Eppa mudi poturukkke. Tast paaathutu soldren wait

  5. தக்காளி கறியின் காரச்சுவையை கெடுத்து இனிப்பாக்காதா

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