Malaysian Chicken Curry – Nyonya Chicken Curry Recipe

Deliciously -Aromatic with herbs, spice and tanginess. This is a Malaysian Chicken Curry (Nyonya Chicken Curry) that is loved by all.
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Nyonya or Peranakan Cuisine combines Chinese, Malay and Indonesian cuisines in a unique and flavorsome blend.
Peranakans are descendants of chinese migrants. Settlers in Penang, Malacca (Malaysia), Indonesia and Singapore. The word Nyonya or Nonya is a Malay word that refers to a socially prominent woman. It has a combined meaning of “Madame” and “Auntie”. The term is used distinctively to refer to the Peranakan Cuisine i.e. – Nyonya Cuisine.
The unique flavor of this curry is determined by the ‘rempah’ or spice- paste that should be pounded with a mortar and pestle for bests results.

Indian Chicken Curry Recipe | Spicy Indian Delicacy

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  1. just back from a months trip to Malaysia, loved the foods in KL, Melacca, Pinang, and tried this recipe with ingredients in the house, had no curry leaves and added lemongrass, worked well was surprised.

  2. Is this a joke? I counted more than fifteen very strong spices only by the half of this video. I doubt it's good for your liver.
    And that chicken is not done. There is no way in hell big pieces of chicken with bones are done in 10-15 minutes.

  3. always add the whole spices before anything in the pan… and if you are roasting it separately don't add oil to it as spices have their essential oil…that's the reason we are toasting them so they release their oil … plus if you're making a video make it properly you didn't even mix the marinade and chicken properly… just for the sake of making youtube videos makes this a wannabe post

  4. What a great video, thanks for posting, I have one question. Where can I find beaten curd, is there a substitute if I do not have it in my local supermarket.

  5. That looks amazing, but there's one thing that concerns me… you're cooking a whole chicken drumstick for only 10 minutes? On what temperature? I ask this because undercooked poultry can potentially result in food poisoning. I use a hammer and a knife to chop my drumstick into three pieces, same with the thigh. And then I pot-fry them for a bit until they brown and then cover and cook for about ten minutes. After frying my ginger, garlic, and choice of onion, I add the chicken and spices to that and let it simmer for another 10 to 15 minutes. This ensures my poultry is fully cooked and safe to eat. I would really like to try your method for a genuine texture and flavor, but I need to know how much time in total you cook your chicken for. Thank-you for sharing your recipe and I look forward to your response.

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