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Made Some Curry Rice and Chicken Kabob for My Hubby| Maryamsjoyfullife


  1. you two are so good together I enjoy watching your love for each other. I have prayed for a marriage like you two have hopefully soon.

  2. Hi Maryam and Hunter, I see a family style restaurant coming into your future LOL !!!!!!!

  3. I use old bay mainly for seafood but I like to use zaterrains creole seasoning on chicken and beef. but old bay is good. my mom loves the creole seasoning because we have family in New Orleans. Looks yummy though.

  4. I love the relationship they have! I am not African, but the same what she talks to, caters to, and loves on her husband is the same way I was taught by my mother to treat man/husband. Love it!

  5. You two are so cute!!!! I love watching you. I was debating on subscribing but I just love your relationship andi really love your cooking episodes. Keep cooking and loving each other like you do. I will keep watching.

  6. me?! oya for evey ting i celebrate with food or cake i love cooking for my kid an man 

  7. ### true story ###  i met my wife while i was serving as a USA soldier , stationed in Germany , long story short, when she met my family she did not want to eat any of our food, LOL… today she loves it and knows how to cook it , and if you ask her she will name her favorites as , curry goat, oxtail, and ackee and saltfish , … ## SOUFLOTV

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