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Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry | Gizzi Erskine


  1. Hey, I'm Japanese. Why do you pure your curry :/ that's never happen in Japan… also we don't mix Japanese pickles with green leaves and Olive oil…. 🙁 If you want to put some fresh vegetables as a side, put some shredded cabbage especially with Katsu.

  2. Lovely recipe, but I wouldn't like to be the one to clean all the pans, pots, etc. she has used. That kitchen sure looks like Afghanistan after she's done cooking!

  3. I don't really like this recipe only because I hate when chicken that's meant to go super tender and crispy deep fried is fried like that and instead it just looks like sautéed boring grilled chicken texture chicken with a boring thin soggy coating.just depressing

  4. The Garam Masala at the end absolutely kills the thing. Leaves this bitter aftertaste in your throat after every bite. I would say leave that out. It's good without it.

  5. stopped watching when she put ready made curry powder… may as well just buy a jar of katsu from the supermarkets if you going to do that

  6. What the fuck is sushi rice? just call it short grain rice. Smh all these people on youtube making funky names for rice.

  7. Thanks for the recipe.
    I don't understand why you have shown a beef curry sauce ( a meal in itself) and then gone on to pork.

  8. Every Katsu curry video post is just adding concentrated curry bullion to mix? Not from scratch??
    That's really LAME. LOSER

  9. 材料をポロポロと鍋の外に落とすくらいならコーティングされたフライパンを使えよww

  10. I've got some curry bricks and wasn't sure how to make it. Thank you for showing, looks simple to do and also looks sooo good!

  11. Wouldn't the baby carrots come out to soft? I mean they're smaller in portion right? I also heard you wern't suppose to mix the curry bricks or have the stove on high.

  12. I do LOVE curry & ate as well as made curry zillion times when I lived in Japan. The only thing I'd like to suggest is that veggies should be cut in the same size, so they cook evenly. Your carrots were bit too small compare to your potatoes. Onions can be bigger pieces than potatoes & carrots as onions are softer veggies. Anyway I really think curry is a wonderful dish as you can make it with all sorts of meat or chicken as well as with shrimp etc. It also still tastes great without any meat! Now I feel like having curry tonight! ^_^

  13. I recommend using a bigger pot so the food wouldn't fly out of the pot. xP Otherwise it looks quite delicious and I will try this out. Thank you ^-^

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